Trendy Gifts For the Holidays


The holiday season is the perfect time to stock up on new clothes and accessories. You can buy trendy items for yourself and even more stylish items for your friends and family. However, there is no need to shell out big bucks on new outfits. If you are on a budget, consider getting something that is just as stylish but is a little less costly. For instance, I love the Acne Studios skinny scarf. Not only does it look cool, it also goes with every puffer coat on the market.

On a similar note, I’m also a fan of the skims cashmere lounge slip dress. Available in multiple colors, this item is a great fit and super soft. It looks and feels like the most expensive item in your closet, but it’s actually very affordable. This is also a good time to check out the latest trend in athletic clothing, like lululemon leggings. They’re made from the fastest drying fabric around, making them the perfect addition to your workout wardrobe.

Another item you may want to add to your shopping list is a pair of the oh-so-common ballet flats. These cute flats are available in several colors, including a natural hue, and feature a quilted footbed and bow detail. While they might not be practical for dancing the night away, they’re a fun way to show off your fashion sense while jogging, walking, or doing push-ups.

To round out your list, a framed vintage fashion print is a worthy prize. In fact, it’s the same one that Katie Holmes wears with style. She’s shown it off with a matching bra and cardigan, and it’s a great way to incorporate a little bit of class into your everyday look.

It’s not a secret that a lot of the best fashion trends come from a blend of vintage and modern. This is particularly true of the latest crop of faux fur coats and tees. And for those who prefer to keep their feet dry, you can’t beat a waterproof raincoat. Freeman’s is made in Seattle, and comes in several colors.

The best part of the holiday shopping season is that it gives you an excuse to treat yourself to a few extra special treats. So if you’re looking for something a little more exciting than a stocking, why not treat yourself to a framed vintage fashion print? There are several framing options available, so you’ll be able to choose the best option for you. A great gift for a friend or loved one is a fun, unique item that will make their wardrobe sparkle.